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Hviezdne leto v AquaCity – Smola a hrušky

Čítaj viac o Hviezdnom lete v AquaCity na stránkach www.aquacityresort.com


Hviezdne leto v AquaCity Poprad

Zdieľaj naše letné video so svojimi priateľmi a zaži najlepších slovenských hudobníkov, spevákov a tanečníkov naživo s AquaCity Poprad.


AquaCity Resort – Commitment to the Environment

Using geothermal water and the sun’s energy to heat and power the resort, AquaCity is virtually self-powered, saving around 27 tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere each day.

Heat energy is drawn off the geothermal water, found in vast subterranean lakes beneath the foothills of the High Tatras Mountains, just a few kilometres from AquaCity. The heat energy is drawn off  and the water cooled and returned back to nature, so the natural process can begin all over again.

AquaCity Blue Sapphire relaxation pool-Poprad-High Tatras-Slovakia

AquaCity relaxation pools Blue Sapphire with solar panels installed on the facade.

Using geothermal water and the sun’s energy to heat and power the resort, AquaCity is virtually self-powered, saving around 5 tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere each day, reducing energy costs and ploughing these savings back into offering affordable, green luxury for our many visitors.

AquaCity Poprad - Outdoor thermal pools

Outdoor thermal pools naturally heated up to 38°C are the main all-year-round attraction in AquaCity Poprad.

Saving energy =  Saving your money
By using natural energy sources, instead of burning coal or gas, AquaCity is saving millions of Euros in running costs each year. Cost savings that are returned to the customer through great value facilities, which would be prohibitively expensive for a similar sized resort burning coal or gas.
We’re saving energy and saving money at AquaCity, not just for you and your family to enjoy our fabulous facilities, but for future generations too.

Here are some of the ways in which we demonstrate our commitment to the environment:

  • AquaCity is virtually self-powered, using geothermal water and the sun’s energy
  • Waste materials are recycled wherever possible
  • Materials are sourced locally from sustainable sources
  • Staff are trained in environmental management
  • Energy is conserved, even our own green energy
  • Buildings are constructed to optimise use of the environment
  • Employees are recruited from the local community

The World Travel Awards

World Travel Awards are staged annually in front of the most influencial global and local organizations in the field of tourism; ranging from hotels, airlines, credit cards,rental car to hotel reservation services.

World’s Leading Green Resort Award in form of a statue in front of AquaCity Poprad. The first WTA Green award granted ever.

The importance of the WTA awards is mainly the fact that the voters are  experts in the tourism industry from around the world. AquaCity was nominated several times in different categories – best place for fammily  vacation, best spa center, European Leading Green Hotel and Best Leading Green Resort. In 2008 more than 200,000 professionals from 190 countries voted AquaCity “World’s Leading Green Resort“.

Read more on our web pages www.aquacityhotel.sk

AquaCity Poprad je opäť generálnym partnerom akcie Aero Moto Víkend

Pozývame všetkých priaznivcov leteckej techniky na 14ty ročník obľúbenej leteckej akcie usporiadanej Popradským Aeroklubom a jeho priaznivcami. Tento ročník sa bude “vznášať” v retro štýle.

AquaCity Poprad je jedným z generálnych partnerov tejto akcie a teda sa môžete tešiť aj na naše ceny v tombole. Akcia prebehne počas víkendu od 23. do 24. júna a sprevádzať Vás bude známy komentátor Marcel Forgáč (asi tá lepšia polovička z dvojice Marcel a Junior 🙂 ).

Viac informácií najdete na stránke www.aeromotovikend.sk.

Všetkým želáme príjemné počasie a špičkovú aero show.

PS: Čo ste mohli vidieť minulý rok 🙂

Last Minute v hoteloch AquaCity Poprad

Ponuka Last minute v hoteloch AquaCity Poprad na maj 2012

Pre viac informácií navštívte naše web stránky

Večerná škôlka Oskara a Olívie v AquaCity Poprad

AquaCity Poprad Vecerna skolka Oskara a Olivie

AquaCity Poprad sa vám postará o deti a vy sa môžete venovať sebe. Každý piatok a sobotu popoludní a večer máme otvorenú škôlku s pestrým detským programom.

Viac informácií nájdete aj na web stránke http://www.aquacityresort.com/vecerna-skolka-maskota-oskara-a-olivie

Welcome To AquaCity Poprad

In the heart of north east Slovakia, with views to the spectacular High Tatras Mountains, is the town of Poprad, a modern city, with shops, restaurants and bars, an ancient centre and its own international airport. Both the town and the region itself have a rich history and culture, evolved over many centuries, evidenced in the beautiful churches and historic buildings of the region.

One of the most beautiful loval villages is Spisska Sobota, with its cobbled central square, towering churches and painted, Medieval buildingss, galleries and museums. Within an easy drive of Poprad is one of the largest castles in Central Europe, Spis Castle. Closer still is the walled Medieval town of Levoča, with many buildings from the Gothic and Renaissance periods.
Pieniny National Park with its beautiful natural scenery and nearby Lubovniansky castle and museum of folk architecture are also popular tourist attractions in the region.

The most spectacular scenery of all can be found in and around the High Tatras Mountains, which provide year round activities and interest for visitors, offering more than 350 km mountain hiking and biking trails. There are beautiful mountain lakes, crystal clear churning mountain streams and rivers, waterfalls and lakes.

In the winter, lovers of skiing and snowboarding will find well developed ski areas, served by an efficient lift infrastructure. When the snow melts, the High Tatras has a mysterious and magnificent beauty, offering spectacular scenery, dense forests and flower-filled meadows.

Poprad town is a centre for many activities too. Close to the city centre is AquaCity Poprad, this world beating waterpark, hotel and spa complex, which has won awards for its environmental vision as well as for its luxurious and extensive facilities. Year round, visitors can enjoy relaxing hot thermal pools, indoors and out, even when snow is on the ground.The waterpark is a mecca for families, friends, couples and business visitors, providing fun and relaxation with its whirlpools, jets, massage benches, toboggans and flumes. Perfect for a restorative swim after biking, skiing or hiking in the Tatry Mountains.Immediately opposite AquaCity is an ice-hockey stadium, football pitch and multi-purpose sports hall, supplementing AquaCity’s own excellent fitness and leisure facilities. Visitors can take part in basketball, volleyball and badminton too.With so much of interest, encompassing natural, historical and man-made attractions, AquaCity is perfectly located, extremely well served by road, rail and air links, and offers exceptional levels of service and facilities for both the day visitor and those who want to stay awhile in the centre’s award winning hotels.