A Hero from any section of the Forces can be nominated. Special consideration is given to those who will also benefit from the treatments in AquaCity. The Recipients Receive! A trip to AquaCity in Poprad. Flights to and from the UK & trannsfers are provided as is food and accommodation in AquaCity. The recipient, together with his/her partner and two children, are also free to use the extensive facilities in AquaCity as guests of this unique centre. A doctor is on hand to check the recipients and the families before treatments such as Cryotherapy. Recipients are encouraged to use all the treatment areas and gain all the benefits to assist an enhanced recovery from injuries.

The Patron is, Owner and CEO of Aquacity, Mr Jan Telensky

The Duke of Wellington writes to Jan Telensky

The Duke Of Wellington writes to Jan Telensky, patron of Holdays4Heroes, saying he finds the project “a most noble gesture”. The letter from His Grace The Duke of Wellington can be viewed at Holidays4Heroes news.


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