The Blue Sapphire relaxation pools offer, whirlpools, jets and jacuzzi areas; an exceptional relaxation experience in thermal waters. Every evening at 20.30 the Blue Sapphire Laser Show, renown throughout Europe, takes centre stage. The Blue Sapphire Laser Show is an extraordinary experience of Holographic art via the latest laser projectors.

The Blue Sapphire pools are a unique combination of water relaxation and entertainment and yet they maintain the AquaCity ethos of protecting the environment. The modern building, which has as its primary energy sources solar power and thermal water, provides an unforgettable experience for all the senses. The main attractions are of course relaxing thermal pools with water temperature 30-34 ° C. However, there are a wide range of water and air massages, water bubble beds and seats, water curtains and water jets, plus special lighting called chromotherapy – light therapy. Artificial waves and other attractions creates individual areas of the pools giving great enjoyment for anyone who visits Blue Sapphire centre.

Three glass walls surround the Blue Sapphire enabling plenty of light during the day plus an early evening unforgettable experience watching the sunset behind the peaks of The High Tatras Mountains. Two walls of the façade are fitted with photovoltaic cells, which provides clean energy directly to the AquaCity resort. Above the Blue Sapphire swimming pools is separate glassed terrace, which is dominated by one of the largest child climbing castles in Slovakia. The entire terrace is dedicated to the smallest guests of  AquaCity where children will find many toys, climbing frames and slides, simply hours of fun.

Every evening, after dark, the whole area comes alive with chromotherapy lights, great music and the unique holographic 3D laser show.

More information about Laser show

The Blue Sapphire Pools are ideal for corporate functions, events or a private party. The additional flexibility of covering the pools with water stages, offers organizations an unrivalled area to hold events, the dance floor can be directly above the pools.

AquaCity‘s Blue Diamond indoor pool area contains two subtly lit, swimming pools, bubbling with mineral rich, geothermal water, surrounded by both classical and modern styling, with adjacent pool terraces and a bar and a swim-up sunken bar in the second of the pools. In the pools, bubble beches, jets and water currents aid relaxation and soothe muscles, while Swarovski crystals at the base of the pools break the light into colourful sparkles. The pool areas provide the perfect venue to swim, relax and meet friends, or to hold a pool party or novel corporate event.

Blue Diamond I.
Sit relaxing by the pool in the terrace bar, or dip into the fabulously warm, geothermal water, this indoor pool and its surrounding terraces is ideal for both children and adults. The classical styling of the pool area, with its decorative stone ornaments and sculptures, creates a relaxing and stylish atmosphere, while the lighting ensures it’s a pleasant place to be, day or evening.

Blue Diamond II.
The great advantage of the second of the Blue Diamond pools is the swim-up bar, offering a variety of soft drinks, cocktails, wine, spirits and beer, with submerged stainless steel bar-stools and a flat screen TV on the wall behind the bar. The soft lighting and glass, steel and wood surrounds contribute to the sophistication of the pool area.

Drinks can be served in and out of the pools, guests can swim, chat and interact in a relaxed environment, the subtely lit surroundings and mix of classical and modern architecture provide a stylish place to meet or to party.

The whole year round the outdoor thermal swimming pools are open with temperatures ranging from 30 to 38 degrees. They are ideal areas for rest and relaxation. Whirlpools, massage jets, jacuzzi areasand waterfalls are features of AquaCity with many other water attractions.

The outdoor swimming pools are high-tech, using UV filtration, offering crystal clear thermal water. The water in the thermal pools originates from an underground lake, 1300m below the earth’s surface. The water contains more than 20 different beneficial minerals. The transfer of the natural waters to the pools decreases the temperature from 50 C to 36 – 38 ° C. To minimize the need for chlorine the pools are constructed using stainless steel surface and purification using UV produces water which is gentle to the skin and eyes.The thermal water in AquaCity has many powers and can help with mobility, respiratory ailments, circulation, nervous disorders and can aid skin problems.In the outside pools you can relax all year round. This area contains the sitting pool, relaxation pool where you can enjoy the water beads, massage jets, waterfalls and a fun areas known as the swinging bell. Alternatively, for the more athletic swimmer, you can enjoy an outdoor swimming experience with one of the pools measuring 33 meters. There is an unforgettable day of experiences and adventures at AquaCity for all the family, fun, rest and relaxation in one unique venue.

During the summer, closed during the winter, you can wonder at the Mayan Pyramid pools. For children and adults alike, there are water slides, wild water and steep slides. Have fun and enjoy a great day at the Mayan Pyramid pools. The Mayan Pyramid area offers 3 stainless pools, numerous slides, toboggans, wild water and water fountains. You will experience an unforgettable family fun day.

Pools are suitable for children and adults. On the 20m high Mayan Pyramid, you can choose from gently undulating family slides, faster and steeper thrilling slides, or twisting and turning down the `wild river ride’ on your own inflatable raft, a 70m descent.

Have fun with your children in the children’s pools with slides and attractions. There is an outdoor and indoor children’s pool and children’s areas full of different attractions. Your children can play in the playgrounds with they will find swings, a children’s train, a climbing frame and sandpit. During the summer season there are children’s entertainers, inflatable attractions and discos with the mascot of AquaCity.

Within AquaCity there are fun places for all children. Children can play in the playroom and enjoy a unique moment in the “jungle gym” in the ball pool or practice their balance and jumping ability. Drawing, painting and numerous fun games guarantee your children a great day out and give you the opportunity to take a moment for yourself.

AquaCity is a place for the whole family. The children’s area combines jumping and throwing where everything is soft, elastic, flexible and full of colourful fun, so children can make their way to an exciting, breathtaking and energy-packed adventure.

For those wishing adrenaline sports, the toboggans offer steep slides with lots of twists, turns and surprises. Try a wild ride on a slide.

Experience real fun and gain loads of great memories. Slide down the Family Slide on the Mayan Pyramid, down the fast and steep red toboggans or take an inflatable raft ride in a toboggan which runs for up to 70 m. In the Aquapark there are two year-round indoor water slides, the Twister and the Black Hole, where fans can enjoy an adrenaline wild ride.

Olympic size pool (50m)
An ideal place for passionate athletes and swimming camps/training. Improve your health and condition swimming in the 50m swimming pool with lanes and starter blocks.Improve your fitness and strengthen your vitality and health. Get to know our swimming centre for passionate athletes. AquaCity is the only resort with hotels and a 50m swimming pool, the perfect combination for people who love swimming.

With the water temperature of 26-28 ° C, depth of 1.2 m to 1.8 m and 8 lanes it is an ideal place for sporting workouts. The 50m swimming pool, with lanes and starter blocks, meets with the standards of international sports and is ideal for training and competitions.

Near the swimming pool are steam saunas with high humidity, where you can enjoy a rest and relax your body aiding the removal of pollutants from your body and helping to purify your skin.

Every night in the stylish and sophisticated Blue Sapphire pool centre we bring you the innovative 3D holographic music and light show, with its unique light effects and three dimensional images. Enjoy this extraordinary spectacle while relaxing in the bubbling, warm indoor pools, see animated 3D images projected onto sheer walls of water, amaze at the vivid laser effects bouncing across the pool centre.

Themes include the creation of AquaCity, Slovakia, the Michael Jackson dance show, our unique car rally, 007 and Pirates of the Caribbean (new).

More information here


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