About us

Using geothermal water and the sun’s energy to heat and power the resort, AquaCity is virtually self-powered, saving around 27 tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere each day, reducing energy costs and ploughing these savings back into offering affordable, green luxury for our many visitors.

Heat energy is drawn off the geothermal water, found in vast subterranean lakes beneath the foothills of the High Tatras Mountains, just a few kilometres from AquaCity. Once the heat energy is drawn off, using Europe’s largest heat exchangers, the water is re-cycled, re-heated, back up to 49 degrees C and the process repeated. The heat energy is drawn off again and the water cooled and returned back to nature, so the natural process can begin all over again.

AquaCity is located in the sunny north east of Slovakia. In the glass facade of the Blue Sapphire Pool Centre the sun’s energy is stored and converted by photo-cells, to provide additional green energy for the resort.

By using natural energy sources, instead of burning coal or gas, AquaCity is saving millions of Euros in running costs each year. Cost savings that are returned to the customer through great value facilities, which would be prohibitively expensive for a similar sized resort burning coal or gas.
We’re saving energy and saving money at AquaCity, not just for you and your family to enjoy our fabulous facilities, but for future generations too.

Here are some of the ways in which we demonstrate our commitment to the environment:

  • AquaCity is virtually self-powered, using geothermal water and the sun’s energy
  • Waste materials are recycled wherever possible
  • Materials are sourced locally from sustainable sources
  • Staff are trained in environmental management
  • Energy is conserved, even our own green energy
  • Buildings are constructed to optimise use of the environment
  • Employees are recruited from the local community

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